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Code of Conduct

 College Rules and Regulations:

  1. Sarbodaya College gives utmost importance on discipline and character building of the students. If any student found guilty of disobeying college rules, strict disciplinary action which includes expelling from the college/restricted for a period/debarred from appearing in any examinations for one or more years etc. will be taken against him/her which will be decided by the disciplinary committee headed by the Principal and his decision will be counted as final.
  2. All types of Ragging within the College campus are strictly prohibited if somebody found indulged in such activities will be firmly dealt with disciplinary action.
  3. Violation of any rules framed by the Authority concerned, irregular attendance, non-clearance of college dues, discourtesy to faculty members in any form, adoption of unfair means during the examination will be dealt strictly.
  4. Any notice desired to be put up or circulated to students in the college campus will require the prior approval of the college authority.
  5. Use of Mobile Phone in the classrooms strictly probhited.
  6. All faculty members have to perform their duties as per latest UGC guideline along with the rules and regulations framed by the Assam Govt.
  7. All the Non n teaching Staffs of the Institution have to follow the guidelines framed by the Assam Govt.
  8. Consumption of Tobacco in any form/kind by the students and faculty members in the college is strictly probhited.
  9. Use of non-degradable plastic items in the college campus is strictly probhited.
  10. College uniform is compulsory for all students are directed to maintain the code of uniformity. For Boys – Black Pant and sky blue, For Girls- Churidar (Sky Blue Kameez with white dupatta and white pant)
  11. Non-transferable Identity Card are issued to the students during the admission time after receiving Rs.-50.00. It is mandatory to all the students carry with him/her at the college campus.
  12. The Student Union is responsible to conducts all the activities related to Students.

Examination Rules: 

            The college examination Committee conducts all College Examinations.

  1. All Students must appear in all the examinations conducted by the college during one academic year and attend their classes regularly-the minimum attendance must be 75% of the classes held.
  2. Following Examinations will be conducted by the college during an academic year as per Dibrugarh University Norms.
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